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The "Waldorf" Theoretical High School in the capital will benefit from new study spaces


The Chisinau City Hall informs that a new study block is being constructed within the "Waldorf" Theoretical High School in the capital. It will have 6 classrooms and a multifunctional sports hall.

This improvement of study conditions will create modern facilities for the more than 600 students of the institution.

The project started after the conclusion of a trilateral cooperation agreement between the Municipality of Chisinau, the IPWM Foundation (contributions from the parents of the high school), and the "Waldorf" Theoretical High School.

In this context, the General Mayor Ion Ceban, thanked the partners from Germany, the "Friends of Art Education" Foundation, and the "SOFTWARE" Foundation for their substantial financial contribution to the project.

The total amount invested in construction is 11,115,540 MDL.

Additionally, the Municipality of Chisinau allocated 4 million MDL for the extension works.

"We intend to continue opening new groups for kindergarten and new school classes within the institution," mentioned the Mayor.