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The unveiling of the poet Dumitru Matcovschi' bust on the Classical Alley in Chisinau


The Chisinau City Hall informs that on Sunday, December 1, 2019, the bust of Dumitru Matcovschi was unveiled, on the Alley of the Classics of Romanian Literature in the "Stefan cel Mare si Sfint" Public Garden. the mayor of the capital, Ion Ceban, was also present.

The Mayor of the capital wanted to mention that the bust of the poet Dumitru Matcovschi was installed on the Classic Avenue, with municipality  suport and the Chisinau Municipal Council too. "Now, the young generations and all of us, have to learn from the work left by the great writer " said Mr. Ion Ceban.

The authors of the Dumitru Matcovschi' bust are: the sculptors  Victor Macovei, Ruslan Tihonciuc and the architect Victor Vieru. The artist team was selected by the Chisinau City Hall, under a municipal contest open.

The expenses for the concept realization and the installation of the objective, in value of 480 thousand lei (including 283 thousand lei for  the bust), were covered by municipal budgetary sources.

Dumitru Matcovschi (1939-2013), was born in Vadul Rașcov village, Soroca district (now the Soldanesti district), was a poet, prose writer and dramatist. It is recognized in the internationally literary criticism and represents a symbol of the National Renaissance Movement of the 90's. XX century.

During 2009, at 70 years, the poet Dumitru Matcovschi received the title of the Chisinau Honorary Citizen.