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The Program of cultural-artistic events dedicated to the Winter Holidays 2019-2020


The Chisinau City Hall informs that this year, the cultural-artistic events in the center of the capital, dedicated to the Winter Holidays 2019-2020, will be held between December 1, 2019 and January 15, 2020.

Thus, on Sunday, December 1, will be the inauguration of the Christmas Tree 2019-2020 and the lighting of the holiday lights in the center of the capital.

The General Mayor, Ion Ceban will attend the Winter Holidays opening event and, together with children's groups, will light the lights on the New Year's Tree.

The artistic activities in the Great National Assembly Square (GNAS) will start at 5:00 pm, with the show "Winter Reverie".

Also on December 1, the town "Children's world" (6pm) will be inaugurated in the square of the Metropolitan Cathedral "The Birth of the Lord", and in the square of the National Opera and Ballet Theater "Maria Bieșu" (7pm) the "Christmas Village" will open.

During the period December 2-24, 2019, the carousel and other devices for the entertainment of adults and children will be available in the GNAS, photo pavilions will be set up, there will be costumed actors in Santa Claus, entertainers, etc.

This year's Christmas Fair will be organized in the Metropolitan Cathedral Square "The Birth of the Lord", and the inauguration of the event is scheduled for December 21, 5pm.

On December 24, on Christmas Eve, in the Cathedral Square the Folk Festival " Silver clinker on carol wings" will take place (15: 00-20: 00), then, here, will follow a fun program with the participation of interpreters folk music and light (20: 00-21: 00).

On December 25, on Christmas, various activities and entertainments for the public will be organized in the GNAS (11: 00-20: 00).

On the last day of the year on December 31, New Year's activities will be established in the Great National Assembly, beginning at 11:00.

At 19:00 will be the show-gorge "New Year Enchanting ", followed by a concert of the band "Tharmis" (20:00); The folkloric show "we would sing, we would still sing to you" (21: 00-22: 30) and the music-choreographic show "Long-life wishes" (22: 30-23: 45).

From 23:45, on the scene from the GNAS will take place the Congratulation Messages of the President of the Republic of Moldova, of the Prime Minister, the General Mayor of the capital and other officials.

At the beginning of the year, a fireworks show (00: 00-00.10) will be organized, afterwords the performance of the "Zdob and Zdub" band.

On January 7, 2020, during the old-style Christmas, in the Cathedral square will be organized the Christmas Show with the generic "Christians, Christmas has arrived!" (19: 00-23: 00).

It is worth mentioning that the District City Halls will arrange Christmas trees and organize cultural-artistic activities in each of the 5 sectors of the capital.