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The inauguration of the Sister City Sign with the name of the Chisinau's sister cities


The Sister City Sign of the twin towns with Chisinau was officially inaugurated today. It is located on Vlaicu Pârcălab street, near the headquarters of the municipality. The event was attended by the Acting General Mayor, Adrian Talmaci, the author of the work - the sculptor, Andrei Dohotaru, employees of the City Hall, journalists and citizens of the city.

The initiative of installing the Sister City Sign of the twin towns belongs to the Foreign Relations Department of the City Hall, and the capital's administration accepted the idea and appealed to several sculptors, Member of the Union of Plastic Artists, and as a result Mr. Andrei Dohotaru was selected.

The Interim General Mayor, Adrian Talmaci, wanted to thank the author for his work and for the fact that he made the panel in record time, to be installed on October 14, by City Day "The twin cities of Chisinau must be known by the people, because these collaborations help the municipality to keep up with other capitals and localities, in order to exchange experience, to carry out joint projects, to share good practices, etc.

The sculptor Dohotaru, Member of the Union of Plastic Artists in turn said that it is an honor for him to be the one who made such a panel, which will remain on this place many years before.

The device has a height of 5.5 meters and is cast in bronze. At the top of the pillar are mounted 8 plates, on which are inscribed (front and back) the names and distances (in kilometers) of the 16 cities twinned with Chisinau.

The upper part of the Sister Cities Sign is illuminated by 1 lantern with 3 arms. Also, at the base of the column is mounted a panel with QR codes of the twin cities, which can be scanned, to view additional information.