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The inauguration, after the capital repair, of the kindergarten no. 198 from the Ciocana sector


Chisinau City Hall informs that today, after the capital repair, was inaugurated the kindergarten-nursery no. 198 from Igor Vieru str., 5/2.

The inauguration event was attended by the general Mayor, Ion Ceban, the deputy mayor, Angela Cutasevici, the Pretor of the Ciocana sector Mrs. Sinilga Shcolnic,  the responsible for the General Department for Education, Youth and Sports, parents, journalists etc.

The preschool institution is provided for 14 groups of children, including 3 groups of nurseries or 320 places.  According to the Chisinau Municipal Council's Decision of 27.11.2019, the kindergarten was named no. 155 "Norocel".

The  general Mayor of the capital insisted on giving the opportunity to children to cut the ribbon during the official event, noting that the little ones are the main beneficiaries of the institution.

"We need new kindergartens in Chisinau. Those that activate - be repaired, well equipped and comfortable for our children. We will continue to invest in projects of this kind because they are investments in children, therefore, investments in our future, " Mr. Ion Ceban pointed out.

The Mayor wished success to the kindergarten Teachers and to the all staff. He thanked to all, those who have taken part on the reparation of the building, and wishing to the children to grow up beautiful and happy.

The process of reconstruction of the nominated kindergarten began in November 2018, with exterior works: roof repair, carpentry change followed by the works inside the building, as well as the purchase of furniture and specialized inventory.

The reopening of the kindergarten no.198 was motivated by the large number of requests for pre-school education services, especially for 2-year-olds (as a result of the changes made in the Education Code). At the same time, there are several blocks nearby, and people from there will need places in pre-school institutions for their children.

The cost of the rehabilitation project is 14.4 million lei.