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The "GREAT CLEANLINESS" campaign was launched in Chisinau


Chisinau City Hall announces that today was launched the campaign to clean up the territory of the capital, called GREAT CLEANLINESS. Thus, the first sanitation action with the participation of local authorities in common with the citizens took place in the sectors of the capital: parks, green areas, etc.

The employees of the municipality, Ion Ceban, the General Mayor, the deputy mayors, the heads of departments participated in the sanitation of the territory of the "La Izvor" park in the Buiucani District, which is currently in the process of renovation.

The Mayor of the capital came with a message of thanks addressed to citizens, non-governmental organizations, employees of the municipality for responding to the call of the authorities to participate in the sanitation action, meant to bring back the look of the city again: clean, neat and beautiful.

"I am glad that everyone reacted positively and joined together to clean up and spend a productive day together. Thus, together with my family and colleagues, I participated in the great cleaning in the park "La Izvor, but such activities also took place in the other sectors of the capital", Ion Ceban mentioned.

At the same time, the General Mayor wanted to specify that the actions within the "GREAT CLEANLINESS" campaign will continue in the following period sanitation of public spaces in the city ", the mayor of the capital concluded.

It is worth mentioning that in the coming weeks the municipality will carry out actions for planting trees, arranging green spaces in the city, etc.