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The General Mayor, Ion Ceban, participated in the annual meeting of the NALAS General Assembly


Ion Ceban, the General Manager, participated in the annual meeting of the General Assembly of the Network of Associations of Local Authorities of South-Eastern Europe (NALAS), which was held online.

The mayor of the capital, as vice-president of the Congress of Local Authorities of Moldova (CALM) and chairman of the Delegation of the Republic of Moldova to the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe (CALRCE), said that the forum is of particular importance. 

In the context of approaches to implementing reforms and the need to strengthen the role of local public administration in democratic processes, the Republic of Moldova took over the presidency of NALAS for the first time. 

At the same time, as chairman of the Moldovan delegation to CALRCE, Ion Ceban, mentioned the need to combine efforts to improve the situation in the economic and community fields.

"The pandemic has profoundly affected societies and economies around the world, so local authorities are at the forefront of crisis management. And in this context, LPAs are forced to make difficult decisions to set the emergency budget. Therefore, the recognition by all actors of the importance and role of local public administration, as one of the most important and priority tools for consolidating and developing democracy in the country is fundamental" said the Mayor of Chisinau.

Ion Ceban, also referred to the need to correctly implement the CALRCE recommendations on the situation of local democracy in the Republic of Moldova and develop specific measures to improve the situation in this regard.

"The Roadmap draft 2019, on the implementation of the CALRCE recommendations is being prepared, coordinated with all parties involved, so the document is to be signed by the 3 parties: the Plenipotentiary Government, the Council of Europe and CALM," mentioned the Mayor.

The mayor thanked all participants for the opportunity to exchange views and share the views of the Congress of Local Authorities of Moldova.