The official page of the Municipality of Chisinau

The General Mayor discussed with the head of state the current issues in the capital


Today Ion Ceban, the General Mayor of Chisinau had a meeting with Igor Dodon, the President of the Republic of Moldova.

The discussions between the two officials focused on topical issues for the municipality, namely: completing with new transport units within the public transport utilities, projects implemented by the current administration of the capital.

The Mayor of the capital mentioned that in the next period the municipality will benefit from a lot of trucks intended for sanitation and snow removal of roads. The activities for the assembly within RTEC of 35 trolleybuses continue, as well as the designation of the winning company, based on the tender procedure carried out, for the purchase of 100 new buses destined for the municipal urban and suburban transport routes.

Ion Ceban also informed the head of state about other current issues, ongoing projects in each sector, designed to improve the quality of life of Chisinau residents: rehabilitation of road infrastructure, public spaces and green areas, changing utilities, etc.

In this context, the General Mayor wanted to note that this year, the events dedicated to the City Day of Chisinau, will be organized according to another concept. "We intend to achieve something unique for the people of Chisinau, keeping all the safety rules and the recommendations of the specialists", Ion Ceban concluded.