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The buildings of three municipal hospitals are in the process of energy efficiency. Work progress is 90-95%


The Chisinau City Hall informs that rehabilitation works are being carried out in 3 municipal medical institutions in order to improve the energy efficiency of buildings: MCH „Saint Trinity”, MCH „Valentin Ignatenco” and MCH „Gheorghe Paladi”.

The activities mentioned are part of the project „Energy efficiency and thermal rehabilitation of public buildings in the municipality of Chisinau”, implemented by the Chisinau City Hall, with the support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), The European Investment Bank (EIB) and the E5P, which is at the final stage of the project.

The hospitals, as a real estate fund of the city of Chisinau, include old buildings with low energy performance. Thus, the energy efficiency measures carried out by LPA Chisinau include a number of activities such as thermal isolation of walls and roof, replacement of carpentry (windows and doors), upgrading the heating system, replacement of light bulbs and fixtures (LED), replacement of elevators, installation of photovoltaic systems, removal of asbestos.

The final objective of the energy efficiency works in hospitals is the comprehensive rehabilitation of the obsolete buildings of the institutions, ensuring high energy performance indicators by reducing consumption and optimising electricity and heating costs, providing a high degree of comfort and satisfaction to patients.

As a result of these activities, patients and medical staff of hospitals will benefit from comfortable and healthy conditions, such as comfortable indoor temperature, sufficient lighting, elimination of asbestos, low energy consumption (more than 50%), reduced pollution and emissions.

The value of the works carried out in the mentioned hospitals is about 140 million MDL. The progress of works is 90-95%.

The works in hospitals are part of the project „Energy efficiency and thermal rehabilitation project of public buildings in Chisinau”, which is intended for 22 municipal public institutions namely: 14 high schools, 5 kindergartens and 3 hospitals. The other institutions are already rehabilitated. The total budget of the project is about 500 million MDL.