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The Administration of the Chisinau City Hall commemorated the victims of the 1903 Jewish Pogrom.


On Wednesday, the Administration of the Chisinau City Hall participated in a commemorative event for the victims of the 1903 Jewish Pogrom in Chisinau and laid flowers at the monument in "Alunelul" Park.

The event was attended by city officials, led by Mayor Ion Ceban, representatives of the Jewish Community of Moldova, diplomats accredited in Chisinau, representatives of international organizations, journalists, and citizens.

Mayor Ion Ceban condemned the horrors of the 1903 Pogrom, which targeted the Jews of Chisinau 121 years ago.

He also highlighted the significant role of the Jewish community in Chisinau at the time, who, along with the native population, contributed to the city's development in various sectors such as architecture, education, and healthcare during a particularly difficult period of the last century.

Ion Ceban stated that the municipal authorities stand in solidarity with the State of Israel and the Jewish people during the current challenging times when the country's security has been threatened. The Mayor expressed his hope that such tragic incidents will never happen again.

"Alunelul" Park, the venue for the event, holds symbolic significance for the Jewish community as it was previously a Jewish cemetery where victims of the 1903 Pogrom are buried.

In the rehabilitation of "Alunelul" Park, a project carried out with Romania, the municipal authorities insisted on preserving all elements of the 1903 Pogrom Monument, taking into account all recommendations from the Jewish Community of Moldova.

During the days of the Chisinau Pogrom, from April 6-8, 1903 (Julian Calendar), 49 people were killed, about 500 were injured, and a third of the city's buildings, owned by the Jewish ethnic population, were damaged.