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Stabilirea relațiilor de cooperare dintre Municipiul Chișinău și Județul Buzău


The General Mayor, Ion Ceban, undertakes on Tuesday, June 15, a working visit in Buzau County, Romania, in order to establish the collaboration relations between the two territorial administrative units.

The Mayor of the capital wanted to mention that the agenda of discussions with the Romanian side focuses on topics related to supporting and initiating, based on the principles of equality and reciprocity, relations of friendship and collaboration between residents, and promoting the exchange of good practices and experiences, joint economic and social development projects for the benefit of communities.

Thus, during the visit, the Cooperation Agreement was signed between the Municipality of Chisinau - Botanica District and Buzau County from Romania.

According to Ion Ceban, based on the document, mutually beneficial socio-economic collaborations will be initiated with special attention to small and medium enterprises. 

"We will encourage local and district investments, we will organize information and mutual support to promote economic development, as well as facilitate cultural exchanges, collaboration between artistic groups and folk ensembles between the two administrative-territorial units," concluded the General Mayor.