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Romanian's delegation on a working visit to the Chisinau City Hall



The General Mayor, Ion Ceban, received today a delegation of representatives of the local public administration from Romania, led by Senator  Mr. Gabriel Mutu, ex-Mayor of sector 6 Bucharest.

The delegation: Vicențiu Voicu, vice-president of the Ilfov Council and Constantin Tomescu, local councilor of Sector 6, Bucharest.

The General Mayor, Ion Ceban, as host, welcomed his colleagues from Romania, who support Chisinau on various fields and projects, especially Gabriel Mutu, thanks to whom, as Mayor of Sector 6, Bucharest, contributed to the "Alunelul" Park modernization, this project is going be completed in the next period. The Mayor also mentioned that the parties are willing to collaborate and continue signing twinning agreements between Romania's districts. 

In his turn, Senator Mr. Gabriel Mutu declared that the municipality will always have support from colleagues in Romania, a fact demonstrated so far, through the projects already realized. "We are glad that we can help in Chisinau. You will always have our support. We are not only partners but also friends and we have to be close to each other ", the senator said.