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Rehabilitation works of the "Heroes Cemetery" Memorial Complex on bd. Decebal


The Chisinau City Hall informs that the rehabilitation works of the Memorial Complex "Heroes Cemetery" on bd. Decebal in the Capital are underway.

Work crews are now working on the square in front of the stairs, where curbing and paving has begun.

Several elements of the stairs and walkways in the area have also already been constructed.

Rehabilitation of the area at the entrance to the "Heroes  Cemetery" Complex, on bd. Decebal 17, began in June 2023, after the area had been in disrepair for several years.

Crews are working on the construction of the steps, the installation of the railing and the pillars.

The sidewalks, stairs, square will also be rehabilitated, parking spaces will be arranged and street lighting will be installed.

At the same time, in the centre of the square, in the shape of a semicircle, it is proposed to install a monument in memory of the fallen soldiers of the two world wars.

The project is carried out by Chisinau City Hall in collaboration with Buzău County Council.