The official page of the Municipality of Chisinau

Projects carried out by the Chisinau local public administration between July - November 2019


Chisinau City Hall informs that during July-November 2019, the municipality has carried out infrastructure, environmental, urban planning and social projects.

1. Achievements in the field of education: the capital repair, with the opening of 5 kindergarten groups, with 125 places within the Kindergarten no. 112, 123 C. Brâncuși Street (Botanica sector); the capital repair with the opening of 4 kindergarten groups and 100 places within the Educational Complex Lyceum-kindergarten "Kiril and Metodiu", 72A. Hîjdeu Street (Râșcani sector); capital repair of Kindergarten no. 166 from 63/3 N. Costin Street , with the opening of 13 kindergarten groups for 260 children (Buiucani sector); the capital repair of Kindergarten no. 198, from 5/2 I. Vieru Street (Ciocana sector), with the opening of 14 groups and 340 places for children in the neighborhood.

2. Infrastructure works: the arrangement of a traffic lane on Calea Orheiului Street in order to streamline traffic; renovation of underground passages from C. Negruzzi Blvd., Ciuflea street corner with Stephen the Great and Holy Blvd., and the Hâncești road corner with Sihastrului Street. Also here we mention about changing a pluvial sewage segment from Albișoara street, the area around CC "PEGAS" and decorating the passage from C. Negruzzi Blvd.; arranging 2 free public parking lots, in collaboration with Ministry of Internal Affairs, on București street, corner with Bulgară street and also on 50 N. Testemitanu street.

3. Rehabilitation of the access roads in the block courts in the city sectors: on 17-21 Belgrade street, 2, 2/3, 4/1, 4/2, 4/6 M. Sadoveanu street, 1and 1/1 Ginta Latină street; 12Academiei street , 10-18 Ion and Doina Aldea-Teodorovici street, 2 O. Ghibu street, 184 Alba Iulia street , 80-84 Albișoara street, 3and 7 Moscova Blvd., 13/1 Traian Blvd. , 24 Valea Crucii streets , 96-98, 98/2, 98/3, 100 Ialoveni street , as well as 1-3 Piata Unirii Principatelor, with the arrangement of an access road to Constituției street, etc. In this context, we mention that 19320m² of roofs of the residential blocks have been rehabilitated, the carpentry changed (PVC) on an area of 9000m²; rehabilitation of the engineering networks for 9 housing blocks from the municipal fund budget.

4. Fully executing the 2019 Municipal Program for the rehabilitation of road infrastructure on 10 streets in the capital (with a budget of 36 million lei). Thus, the following arteries were paved: Ialoveni, V. Scutari, E. Coca, Traian Blvd., P. Rareș, Studenților, Socoleni, N. Zelinski, C. Vârnav and Doina Street. Also, road sections were rehabilitated on Albăstrele Street, Industrial Street, Pietrarilor Street and the construction of a portion of road at 77Alba Iulia street  - T. Vladmirescu street (Durlești town), V. Coroban street and Xenopol Street. Also here, we mention about the rehabilitation of pedestrian access on both directions of traffic on the bridge in Ismail Street. The works were executed by the Municipal Enterprise "Regia Exdrupo" and foresees the complete milling and asphalting of the wear layer, as well as the rehabilitation of sidewalks and curbs.

5. In the field of various profile fields in the block courts, we inform about the arrangement of 75 playgrounds for children, 85 fitness fields and 10 multi-functional sports fields.

6. Assembly of 10 new trolleybuses at the Repair and Assembly Line of the Municipal Enterprise "Chisinau Electric Transport Authority" (RTEC): 5 standard time vehicles and 5 - with autonomous propulsion (the first units with 30 km distance autonomy).

7. Conducting tenders: organizing the land auction; of 3 tenders for the transmission in the location of the spaces within the municipal property buildings, as well as the tender regarding the purchase of the snow clearing technique.

8. In terms of City Sanitation we point out: the organization of the autumn sanitation Campaign, which foresaw profile interventions in the block yards and the evacuation of the foliage. In parallel, sanitation works were organized on Calea Basarabiei - Varnița, Dacia Blvd., Muncești road, Valea Crucii street, Grenoble, Botanical Garden street, Hâncești street, Vadul lui Vodă street, N. Milescu - Spătaru, M. Sadoveanu street, Bucovinei street, in order to clean the territory of the uncontrolled vegetation; painting the guard rails, the pillars and the rehabilitation of the waiting stations, on the said arteries; sanitation of the Bâc river bed; two actions of planting trees in the greenery campaign "A tree for our dedication", with about 5 thousand trees planted.

9. Regarding the achievements in the environmental field, it is worth mentioning: obtaining the co-financing from the National Ecological Fund for the project of fortification of the dam at the municipal polygon for the storage of solid household waste from Țânțăreni county, as well as the acquisition of a modern specialized compactor; commissioning of equipment for lake management in the "Valea Morilor" Park and, last but not least, for the development of platforms for storage containers for household waste, including 10 underground platforms.

10. In the context of the municipal actions regarding the urban planning, we specify about the rehabilitation of 20 waiting stations for public transport (Albișoara street - 3 units, in work-2 units, T. Vladimirescu street corner with Kiev street - 2 units, Hâncești road -1unit, Valea Crucii street - 4units, in work - 3, completed - 1, Mesterul Manole street -1unit, Uzinelor street -3 units, all in work, I. Creangă street -3 units (2 in work, 1 installed), V. Badiu street -1 unit (in work), Studenților street - 1 unit (in work)), with the support of the economic agents in the city; installation of street trash cans along Stephen the Great and Holy Blvd., about 55 pieces, also with the support of representatives of the business environment.

11. In the last months, the project regarding the rehabilitation of the pedestrian zone in the historical center of the capital was carried out, in the perimeter of the streets: Maria Cebotari - Alexei Șciusev Street - Sfatul Țarii street - Mihail Kogălniceanu Street. Infrastructure works were carried out here: sidewalks (approx. 2800 m²), installation of decorative night lighting (39 pillars for lighting the pedestrian area throughout the perimeter), urban furniture, as well as ramps for people with reduced mobility; in the vicinity of the pedestrian crossings, tactile pavement was arranged. Also, the facade of the National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History at 82 Mihail Kogălniceanu Street, was illuminated decoratively (with 64 luminaires).

12. Completion of works within the projects of public space development in the capital's sectors: rehabilitation of granite stairs in "Valea Morilor" Park (Centru sector); reconstruction of "Alunelul" Park - works planned for the first stage (Buiucani sector); the arrangement of the square at 42 Maria Drăgan street, with a panoramic view over the city and the square at 29/1 Mircea cel Bătrân street (Ciocana sector); rehabilitation of the square "Mezon" (Râșcani sector); renovation of the pedestrian alley from 2-14 Dacia boulevard (intersection of Hristo Botev street with Matei Millo street), as well as in the neighborhood of 19 Belgrade street (Botanica sector). The mentioned financing was foreseen for 5 million lei per sector. Also, during the reference period, the asphalting works of the central alleys of the "Valea Trandafirilor" Park and the construction of the pedestrian fence from the entrance to the rest area, from Decebal Blvd.  

13. We also acknowledge that on the occasion of Chisinau City Day, on 14th of October, Chisinau City Hall has installed, near the main entrance in the building, the Sister Cities Sign informing about the twin cities of Chisinau. It is a construction cast in bronze, with a lantern with 3 arms at the top.  Also 7 wooden chairs and trash cans were set up on V. Pârcălab Street, near the municipality's building.