The signing of the collaboration agreement between the Chisinau City Hall and the Association of Romanian Investors in the Republic of Moldova

The Chisinau City Hall and the Association of Romanian Investors in the Republic of Moldova signed a cooperation agreement on Tuesday in order to promote the opportunities for the development of the business environment in the Chisinau municipality.

The agreement was signed by the General Mayor Ion Ceban and Daniel-Vasile Nuțiu, Executive President of the Romanian Investors’ Association of Moldova.

The fields of the collaboration between the parties aim at: the cooperation in the field of expertise at the elaboration of the legal acts that aim at the activity of the business environment; consultation in order to identify solutions to problems facing the business environment; launching projects of common interest that would allow obtaining local and external funding sources; promoting good practices of entrepreneurship and local economic development; participating in the process of reviewing the tax/taxation policy and providing expertise on the possible impact on the local business environment; cooperation in the field of local strategies implementation and programs with direct impact on economic growth with the participation of the business environment, etc.

General Mayor Ion Ceban said that the signing of a new cooperation agreement with the Association of Romanian Investors in the Republic of Moldova would facilitate cooperation between the parties and lead to the launch of projects of common interest. "Until now, good cooperation relations have been established with the Romanian administrations, as well as with economic agents beyond River Prut. I want this cooperation to develop and be useful to each other," the Mayor mentioned.

In his turn, Daniel - Vasile Nuțiu, executive president of the Romanian Investors Association in the Republic of Moldova wanted to note that local public authorities are those that give continuity to the business environment so that in collaboration with Chisinau City Hall will benefit both investors from Romania, as well as the municipality. "We want to have the opportunity to carry out our activity in a predictable environment, in an environment in which to have discussion partners and to listen to the wishes of our partners," said Daniel Nuțiu.


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