Road infrastructure repair and maintenance works during the week: 05-11 February 2024

Thus, the main arteries in the city, the areas of the public transport waiting stations, but also the underground passages, were cleaned of mud and garbage, both manually and mechanized, a total of 90 sludge escape races were carried out.

Also, to increase traffic safety, 64 road signs were repaired, and another 58 were replaced, instead of the damaged ones.

For the same purpose, the road-handlers on the bridge in str. Ismail, to increase their visibility.

In order to ensure the road traffic in satisfactory conditions, the works to liquidate the damage situations continued, by filling the pits with cold asphalt, both on the main and secondary streets of the city, as well as on the roads in the suburbs, on which municipal public transport moves.

At the same time, about 270 elements of rainwater sewerage were cleaned of garbage and sludge, to increase the capacity of discharging rainwater.

Within the road infrastructure rehabilitation projects contracted by the General Directorate for Urban Mobility, the bridge repair works in Mihai Viteazul Street continue, and on bd. Decebal, rehabilitation actions of pedestrian areas, on str. Roses – bd. Iu. Gagarin.

Also with reference to the sidewalks, we inform that in the current week the works on bd will start. The National Renaissance, where the pedestrian area will be repaired, the Circus side.



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