On Romanian Language Day, the capital's administration laid flowers at the monument of the poet Mihai Eminescu in the city center of the capital and at the busts of writers on the Alley of the Classics.


On August 31, 2023, when 34 years have passed since the adoption of the Latin alphabet, the capital's authorities paid tribute to the Romanian Language.

On this occasion, the Chisinau City Hall Administration and the representatives of the structural subdivisions laid flowers at the monument of the poet Mihai Eminescu from the square that bears his name, as well as at the busts of the writers on the Classical Alley.

The General Mayor, Ion Ceban, mentioned that it is important to speak and write correctly in the Romanian language, to be inspired by the works of the great poets, who developed it, and for this we do not need special laws.

„ On this day, once again we must think of our remarkable literature and the works of poets and writers of inestimable value, who have contributed to the common cultural heritage ”, concluded the General Mayor.

The Mayor of the capital communicated that the municipality agreed to create, near the Ion and Doina Aldea Teodorovici monument, on str. Alexei Mateevici, a museum, a creative workshop named „ Ion and Doina Aldea Teodorovici ”. The new institution will take over the current headquarters of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, whose employees will be transferred to another building.

The cultural-artistic events organized by the Chisinau City Hall on the occasion of the Romanian Language Day, took place in the square of the Pedestrian street Eugen Doga, with a public reading program for children.

Between 5:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m., first grade children recited poems, and the most active were awarded with sets of school supplies. A fun animation program for the little ones was also organized, supported by the band Clounella. Starting with 07:00 p.m., the residents and guests of the Capital enjoyed a musical show "In the same language", accompanied by the symphony orchestra conducted by Dumitru Cârciumaru. Beloved artists performed, such as: Mariana Bulicanu, Cristina Scarlat, Natalia Barbu, Cătălin Josan, Radu Dolgan, Adriana Babin, Tania Cerga, Brio Sonores, Vitalie and Cătălin Advahov. The musical program was combined with a poetry recital read by Nicolae Jelescu.

At 09:00 p.m., the celebration of the Romanian language culminated with pieces from the repertoire of the incomparable artists Doina and Ion Aldea Teodorovici, performed by the "Cristofor Aldea Teodorovici Orchestra" and the soloists Cristofor Aldea Teodorovici, Simona and Cătălin Josan.


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