Ion Ceban meets with the Mayor of Grenoble

Mayor General Ion Ceban had a meeting with Mayor of Grenoble Eric Piolle, at the Second Session of Cities in Transition: "48 Hours of Sustainable Resource Management: Producing and consuming other".

The two discussed the collaboration between municipalities in order to initiate joint projects. A topical issue was the involvement of Chisinau City Hall in the management of the refugee crisis, including by supporting and providing social / medical / employment services to Ukrainian citizens.

Ion Ceban also made a retrospective of ongoing projects in Chisinau, especially those focusing on innovation and ecology. An example of this is the "Green City School", which can be continued by organizing competitions, activities, equipping schools with containers for waste separation, long-term energy efficiency projects, creation and modernization of extracurricular centers for the development of green skills, installation photovoltaic systems etc.

Ion Ceban informed Eric Piolle about the functioning of 2 educational institutions with French-speaking classes, in which the materials are taught in French. Joint projects with students from these institutions could be carried out here, and not only. Another initiative would be to equip libraries with books in French, as well as to develop / deepen the language skills (French) of teachers who teach in bilingual classes.


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