Chisinau City Hall and the Ministry of Internal Affairs will work together to combat the phenomenon of illegal construction in the capital

The municipality has initiated the creation of a working group that will have the mission of preventing, finding and sanctioning those responsible for violating construction legislation. The group consists of representatives of Chisinau City Hall, the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, the Agency for Technical Supervision and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The announcement was made by the General Mayor, during a joint meeting with the participation of the ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI) and the deputy mayors. The parties discussed the need to create an effective mechanism to combat the phenomenon of illegal construction in the city.

According to Ion Ceban, the General Mayor the working group will have the task of adjusting the legislation in the field for the development of control and intervention tools in the case of abusive constructions.

"We aim to have cooperation between all the high-profile entities in order to stop unauthorized activities still at stage zero or along the way, when abuses by developers are admitted," Ion Ceban said.

At the same time, in the attention of the authorities are the abandoned constructions, which represent a source of danger for the citizens, as well as the cases when the economic agents exceed the provisions of the permissive documentation issued by the municipal authorities.

In this context, the mayor of the capital mentioned that currently, in the capital there are about 2000 problematic constructions.


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