Better social services and quality support for children and families with children with disabilities in the capital

The Deputy Mayor of the capital, Angela Cutasevici, participated in the final conference of the project "Civil society organisations acting for better social services", implemented by "Soros Moldova" Foundation in partnership with the Association "Keystone Moldova" and AO "Institutum Virtutes Civilis" and funded from European Union resources.

The municipality applied to the project "Civil society organizations act for better social services" together with the Public Association "Children of the Rain", the Alliance of Organizations for People with Disabilities (AOPD) and the Public Association "SOS Autism".

Within the framework of this project, the Chisinau City Hall has developed several necessary services for adults and children in Chisinau, and the collaboration over the years 2022-2023 has had a profound impact on the lives of the most vulnerable members of the Chisinau community.

Social service Day Center for children with rare diseases and autism "Blue Butterfly", created jointly with AO "Rain Children", with the aim of providing support services and skills development for children with rare diseases and autism for their effective integration into the family and community through specialized programs. Beneficiaries - 28 children. 

Social service "Mobile Team for Children", which was jointly extended with the Alliance of Organizations for People with Disabilities (AOPD), with the aim of improving the quality of life of a larger number of children with severe disabilities in Chisinau municipality through rehabilitation services, psychosocial rehabilitation at the beneficiary's home, family involvement in their care, and prevention of their institutionalization. Beneficiaries - 55 children with severe disabilities.

"ADIR" Day Centre for people with disabilities and autism spectrum disorders, created jointly with AO "SOS Autism", with the aim of providing assistance, support, care and rehabilitation services to people with disabilities and ASD, maintaining them in the family and community environment and preventing institutionalization; developing self-service skills, autonomy and a favourable climate for the development of the beneficiaries' personality, ensuring the socialization of the beneficiaries and developing relations with the community and family. Beneficiaries - 18 people with disabilities and ASD.

The value of investments for the development and expansion of these three services in the project was 177 914 EURO.

At the same time, Chisinau Local Public Authority ensures the continuity and sustainability of these services through financial allocations from the municipal budget.

Thus, in 2023, for the maintenance of these three services, the municipality has allocated 5.2 million MDL, and for 2024 the amount of 5.6 million MDL is planned for approval.

"This fruitful collaboration during 2022-2023 has had a significant impact on the lives of the most vulnerable members of our community.

Through innovative projects and partner resources, we have been able to improve access to quality care, education, health and other essential services for children and families with children with disabilities.

The activities carried out under this partnership have resulted in the provision of quality services to a significant number of children, beneficiaries and families. The professional skills of the employees of the services have also been strengthened. The municipality values collaboration with its partners and is open to cooperation," said Deputy Mayor Angela Cutasevici. 



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