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Implementation of the Project CITYWALK 2.0 - Together for efficient urban mobility


Chisinau City Hall, through the General Direction of Architecture, Urbanism and Land Relations, is implementing the CITYWALK 2.0 Project - Together for energy efficient urban mobility, decreasing the carbon intensity of urban transport, by supporting the transition to active urban mobility through rethinking street design and changing travel behavior.

This project is supported by the Interreg Danube Region Program with co-financing from Interreg Funds and the Chisinau municipal budget.

The implementation period of the project is between 2024 and 2026, including close cooperation with partners from Slovenia, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Germany, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia and the Czech Republic.

The initiative follows on the success of the RegioStars Public Choice Award-winning CityWalk (2016-2019) and focuses on the urgent need to tackle climate change and the energy crisis through innovative solutions.

The main aim of CityWalk2.0 is to promote the energy transition in urban transport by significantly reducing energy consumption, favoring active mobility (walking, cycling) and micro-mobility, alongside public transport, as efficient and economical means.

CityWalk focused on walkability at the urban level, while CityWalk 2.0 focuses on urban transformation at the city and community level.

The project partnership consists of 14 entities from 10 countries, configured to work synergistically and professionally in line with the project objectives.

It includes 4 knowledge providers and 10 territorial partners, ensuring an optimal balance between required expertise, practical piloting and policy proposal development.

The partnership structure reflects a balanced mix of old CityWalk collaborators and new members, including EU and non-EU partners.

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