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NONA Chisinau 2024 Conference: Promoting a new governance model for sustainable development in the Danube Region


Chisinau City Hall, as a partner of the NONA project, funded by the European Union through the Interreg Danube Region Programme, organizes for two days: 18-19 June 2024, the NONA Chisinau Conference (New gOvernance for New spAces), through the General Directorate of Architecture, Urban Planning and Land Relations.

The forum brings together experts from Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia, Austria, Serbia, Ukraine and Moldova - NONA (Interreg Danube Region) project partners, to discuss progress and challenges in implementing its objectives.

The NONA project aims to stimulate the development of a new multi-level governance model for the integration of green investments in sustainable territorial development in the Danube Region and the re-use of degraded post-industrial areas.

The opening of the Conference was attended by: the General Mayor, Ion Ceban, deputy mayors of the capital, the chief architect of the city, Svetlana Dogotaru, representatives of the municipality and project partners.

The General Mayor, Ion Ceban, noted that through active participation in INTERREG projects, the municipality contributes to the improvement of the urban and socio-economic landscape, as well as to the increase of the collective cohesion of the region.

"So far, the LPA Chisinau has successfully completed two INTERREG projects: AGORA and ARCHEODANUBE, and now we are a party to four projects. We are glad to be part of the NONA team to benefit from the project facilities," the mayor added.

Conference participants were familiarized with the progress of the Project methodology through a presentation using GIS. Discussions focused on the application of the methodology in the planning of pilot actions, and those present worked in groups to develop the necessary implementation plans. 

At the same time, a working visit was made to the objective selected for the pilot project, the Red Mill, an architectural monument included in the Register of Monuments, to familiarize the experts with the situation on the ground.

The conference will continue on Wednesday, June 19, 2024, with sessions focused on defining next steps and strengthening implementation strategies.

Through the functional cooperation of public authorities, civil society and the private sector, with investment and finance, the model will lead to improved capacities of cities and regions to initiate and implement investments in more responsible land use practices. In the framework of the Project, the Red Mill Architectural Monument is to be valorized in Chisinau.