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Planning of children's playgrounds and fitness lands in Chisinau during the years 2017-2019


The Chisinau City Hall municipality informs that in the last 2 years, 2017-2019, 247 children's playgrounds and 151 fitness lands have been set up in Chisinau municipality.

A report on the Municipal Program for the planning of playgrounds and fitness lands was presented on Monday, at the operational meeting of the municipal services, by  Mr. Ion Burdiumov, head of the General Department  for Housing and Planning.

The municipality's investment for this purpose is 30.3 million lei for playgrounds and 10.6 million lei for fitness lands respectively.

The size of the playgrounds is 10x12 m; surface covered with river gravel and wooden fence. At the same time, the fitness lands have 7 training elements; the surface covered with river gravel and urban furniture.