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Photo exhibition at the Chisinau Museum, dedicated to the International Day of Monuments, the historical and archaeological sites



On Friday, April 23, 2021, at 15:00 p.m., the Chisinau Museum of History will be open the photo exhibition dedicated to the International Day of Monuments and Archaeological Sites "We open  the doors to knowledge widely. In order not to leave room for indifference". Also here, will be a lecture by Liliana Kondratikova, Dr. Hab in Art and Cultural Studies, Dr. Hab in History. 

The authors of the initiative invite residents and guests of the capital to a virtual walk of historic Chisinau, to come through to the known places and less famous places to the public.

The event was organized by the Department of Social Sciences, Economics, Humanities and Arts of the Moldova Academy of Sciences, the Moldova State University Center for Humanities Studies, the Chisinau History Museum under the auspices of the Culture Department of Chisinau City Hall within the scientific project "Culture of Promoting the Image of Moldova's Cities Through Art "

Every house, administrative or cultural building starts with a door, gate. The city of Chisinau has in keeping metal and wood objects that deserve to be known, repaired, restored to make our city more beautiful, more open to society, for tourism promotion.  

The photo exhibition and the announced lecture aim to focus the public's attention on these interesting works from an artistic and technical point of view: to open the doors, to learn our local history, family history, not to leave room for indifference in the context of protection of our cultural heritage. 

The International Day of Monuments and Sites is celebrated annually on 18 April.

The event will be broadcast ONLINE by the Institute for the Development of the Information Society and will be available at the link sent later.