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Museums Nights 2023 at the Museum of History of the City of Chisinau on 13 May 2023


Chisinau City Hall informs that during the day of May 13, 2023, 12:00-22:30, within the Night of Museums 2023, at the Museum of History of the City of Chisinau (Water Tower), will be organized a series of cultural-artistic thematic events: eco art fair, documentary film screenings, clothing exhibitions and fashion shows, with models of young designers, musical performances and recitals, digital projections, with the illumination of the building of the City Museum, etc.

The activities listed will take place according to the programme as follows:

12:00-20:00 - Fair "Eco Art Sale at the Tower", with the participation of young designers (Museum square);

12:00-22:00 - Photo sessions at the photo stand-in panel (Museum square);

14:00-22:00 - Screening of documentary films, made in the framework of the ICOM Moldova project "In search of treasures", director - Diana Pidghirny (Screening Hall);

13:00 - Launch of the exhibition of clothing designs "REUSE", presented by the Faculty of Design of TUM (Panoramic Hall);

14:00-16:00 - Plein Air with the title "CHISINAU - THE CITY OF DREAM", with the participation of refugee children from Ukraine, coordinator Iraida Ciobanu, artist, member of UAP;


15:00-16:00 "At sunset", part I, presents the School of Arts V. Poleakov";

16:00-17:00 - Choral entertainment presented by the Mixed Choir of the Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts, artistic conductor - Ilona Stepan, People's Artist;

17:00-18:00 - "Mysteries of Music in the Night of Museums", part I, presented by the School of Arts "A. Stârcea";

18:00-18:30 - "At sunset", part II, presents the School of Arts "V. Poleakov";

18:30-18:45- The fashion show of the clothing collection "Urban Stories", Faculty of Fine Arts and Design of UPS "Ion Creanga";

18:45-19:15 - "Mysteries of Music in the Night of Museums" (part II), presents School of Arts "Alexei Stârcea";

19:15-20:00 - Musical recital "United through art", presented by the Centre of Excellence in Art Education "Stefan Neaga";

20:00-20:30 - Music recital with singer-songwriter Georgeta Voinovan;

20:030-21:15 - Jazz'n Chișinău, conducted by Valeriu Culea;

21:15 - 22:00 - Band "Rupți din Talpă", conductor Mădălina Botnari;

22:00-22:30 - Digital projection with illumination of the building of the Museum of History of the City of Chisinau "The Water Tower-journey through time".

The activities will take place both in the square of the cultural institution and in the Panoramic Hall, and public access will be free of charge.