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Joint measures of the Chisinau City Hall and the Ministry of Internal Affairs aimed at solving acute problems in the capital


Chisinau City Hall, together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, aims to solve in the short and medium term a series of acute problems facing the capital, namely: illegal constructions in the city, street trade, fluidization of transport and unauthorized parking  especially  in winter season, tobacco control around educational institutions, combating alcoholism and drug use. These and other issues were discussed on Tuesday, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in an enlarged meeting, attended by the  General Mayor,  Mr. Ion Ceban.

  The parties have decided to set up a working group, which will convene periodically, in order to take prompt decisions for crisis situations, establishing joint actions to stop the various illegalities, proposals to amend the legislation, etc.  "We have requested to inform all the economic agents that sell tobacco products, at a distance of less than 200 meters from the educational institutions, about the necessity of withdrawing, from today, these products for sale," said the General Mayor.

In this context, Ion Ceban referred to the subject of the capital's stall, as well as to the unauthorized street trade, and to the small traders to be offered places arranged in the adjacent markets, including at a reduced price.

Another problem approached by the representatives of the municipality at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the irregular parking of the road transport units, which complicates the work of the special vehicles when clearing snow. For this subject, but also for the others mentioned during the meeting, the working group (to be created within 3 days), will come with immediate proposals and solutions, within one week, for the removal of all the mentioned irregularities.