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Information campaign on waste sorting. How we sort plastic and metal


The Chisinau City Hall continues the information campaign to inform citizens about sorting solid household waste with plastic and metal.

The first step is to separate these types of waste (plastic containers, food tins, cosmetic containers, household items, aluminum containers/cups, cans, kitchen utensils, etc.) from biodegradable or mixed waste.

After separating the plastic and metal waste, we make sure it is clean and press it well so that it takes up less volume and throw it into the yellow container at the common waste storage platform near the building where we live.

With a bit of effort and organization, sorting waste can be easy and efficient. If we all put our efforts into sorting our waste, we would contribute to a clean, well-maintained city and a healthier and protected environment!

Be part of the municipal information and public awareness campaign #Esimplusasortezi #Sorteazadeseurile #Protejeazamediul #eusortez launched by Chisinau City Hall, Î.M. Regia "Autosalubritate" and A.O. "Reciclare".

Curiosities about plastic:

- Plastic is the most common waste material in the world and can last up to 500 years to decompose;

- Plastic is the most common material found in the planet's ocean, covering about 80% of all waste;

- Plastic can affect health because the chemicals it contains can be absorbed into the body;

- Plastic can be converted into fuel, including diesel and gas, or used to build infrastructure such as roads and bridges, etc.

Metal waste:

- Metal waste is used in construction, electrical products, electronics, transport products, household products, craft products such as jewelry and decorations;

- Recycling metal reduces production costs and energy consumption and can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions etc.

Every waste should be disposed of in the right place so that it can be recycled or disposed of properly.

Take the time to learn about waste sorting and how you can help protect the environment.

Sorting waste may seem complicated, but it's not! Sorting plastic, PET and metal waste is easy, give it a try!