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General Mayor Ion Ceban , inspected the solid waste landfill in Țînțăreni


On Monday, September 7, Ion Ceban, the General Mayor of Chisinau municipality, has visited the village of Țînțăreni and the municipal landfill of the solid waste. During the visit, the Mayor took part in a joint meeting with the local authorities from Țînțăreni, Geamăna and Ciobanovca villages, where have been addressed the issues related to the commitments made between parties on the transporting waste to the landfill.

Ion Ceban also inspected the current works provided by an additional agreement to the contract with the Țînțăreni administration: the development of sports - multifunctional outdoor areas; playgrounds for children at the entrance of the locality. The ability to intervene for the commitments made in the repair of road sectors and the construction of the aqueduct was also assessed.

Therewith, the Mayor together with municipal services representatives inspected the municipal store, the construction site of the leachate treatment plant, as well as planned activities to fortify the protection dam.

The General Mayor has received assurances from the responsible that the construction works of the Leachate treatment plant will be made in time.                     " Commitments on the compaction and transportation of garbage have been fulfilled. At the same time, we wanted to see how was going the Landfill Leachate construction. The entrepreneur assures us that by the beginning of December the work will be completed" Ion Ceban said.

It should be mentioned that the activities on landfill are carried out in 50 %. The Landfill will have a capacity of 150m³ / day and will ensure the filtration of the fermented liquid from the landfill.