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General Mayor had a meeting with the Minister for Religious Services of Israel


The General Mayor, Ion Ceban, received today the Minister for Religious Services of Israel, memeber of the Knesset, Michael Malchieli and the Chief Rabbi of the Jewish community in the Republic of Moldova, Rabbi Pinchas Zaltzman, in a visit to the Chisinau City Hall.

During the meeting, the parties adressed various topiacl issues, including the relationship between Chisinau City Hall and Jewish organizations in the Republic of Moldova.

”I have disscused with the Israeli oficials about the joint programs carried out by ” Agudath Israel in Moldova”, the support offerd to support the refugees from Ukraine and the events dedicated to the Memorial Day of the Victims of the Holocaust”, said the mayor of the capital.

Ion Ceban wanted to point out that the Chisinau City Hall is always open for cooperation and realizations and joint activities.