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"For life. For Health" - an information campaign on protection measures against COVID-19


Chisinau City Hall, in collaboration with the General Department of Social Assistance and Health, is launching an information campaign "For Life. For health" within the project "Together against COVID-19 - Mannheim - Chisinau - Chernivtsi"

The aim of the campaign is to inform the people of Chisinau about protection against COVID-19 and to promote collective responsibility in order to reduce the risk of infection and the negative effects of coronavirus.

Through this initiative, the municipality intensifies its efforts to inform citizens about compliance with health regulations established by the authorities, as well as to increase the stock of medical equipment and supplies for emergency medical care.

The campaign "For Life. For Health" within the project " Together against COVID-19 - Mannheim - Chisinau - Chernivtsi", is implemented by the City Hall of Chisinau, with the support of Mannheim, Global Engagement, Service Agency, Communities in One World and the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

The project takes place between September 22, 2020 - June 30, 2021.

The epidemiological situation in Chisinau is alarming, and the special forecasts are not optimistic, because the number of people getting infected is constantly increasing.

Throughout the pandemic, the municipality, together with the institutions responsible for managing the COVID-19 crisis, with medical and social workers, were at the forefront. All the joint efforts, endowment, support and assistance to medical institutions, have made it possible to save many human lives.