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Final works for the design of the G. Cosbuc square in the Rascani sector



The City Hall of Chisinau informs that the works for the layout of the square in G. Cosbuc Street, the Rascani sector of the Chisinau have been completed and the  residents nearby as well as other citizens of the municipality have a new public space for recreation. 

The rehabilitation of the square included the reconstruction of the pedestrian alleys and the renovation of the green spaces, the installation of the public pedestrian lighting and the urban furniture. Also, a children's playground was set up and a fountain was installed.

The concept for the layout of the square in G. Cosbuc Street was developed within the pilot project "Rethinking public space. Citizens are shaping their future ", part of the trilateral agreement between Mannheim - Chisinau - Chernivtsi.

The execution project was carried out by the teams of architects, the authors of the concept: S.R.L. "LAMIEZ" and AO "Center of urbanism" who won in the Municipal Contest of profile held between 2 and 29 October 2018.

The cost of the works for the reconstruction of the square as a result of the tender is 1.4 million lei with 40 percent represents the grant part and the rest of the amount is covered from the sources of the municipal budget.

We would like to mention that the initiative of redeveloping the square in George Cosbuc Street is carried out within the trilateral project of the cities Mannheim - Chisinau - Chernivtsi which involve the development and modeling of the social identity of the participating cities by recreating the public spaces in the deprived areas through the collaboration of the citizens with the local authorities.

The Chisinau City Hall, as well as the project partners from the neighboring country, will host the official representatives from the twin cities: Mannheim and Chernivtsi at the inauguration event of the renovated square. The action is planned for the end of October.