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Fairs with local products in the capital's districts on the weekend of 23 - 24 December 2023


Chisinau City Hall informs that on the weekend of December 23-24, 2023, new editions of fairs with local products and goods will be held in the capital's districts, in order to support local economic agents and to offer the capital's inhabitants access to seasonal agricultural products.

In the Buiucani sector - on the territory adjacent to the "Kentford" building, bd. Ștefan cel Mare și Sfânt, 202, on December 23, 2023 - "EcoLocal" fair, with local food and non-food products, organized by the Association of Eco and Artisanal Consumers and Producers.

Also on bd. Ștefan cel Mare și Sfânt, 103 (adjacent to the cinema "Patria") - Christmas Fair "Cristmas Yard Sale", on 23-25.12.2023, organized in collaboration with SRL "Boldescu & Co".

In Botanica sector - Christmas Fair, in collaboration with AO "Perspectiva", in Serghei Lazo Square, Sarmizegetusa Street, 1 and Dacia Blvd, 26, from 23.12.2023 to 16.01.2024.

In Ciocana sector - Christmas Fair, on bd. Mircea cel Bătrân, intersection with P. Zadnipru str., Scuarul Arborelui Solar; from 23.12.2023 to 14.01.2024 and on Mircea cel Bătrân Blvd., corner with I. Vieru street, from 23 - 25.12.2023.

In Râșcani sector - Christmas Fair, on Miron Costin Street 13/1 (near Scuar), from 18.12.2023 to 21.01.2024.

In the Great National Assembly Square - Christmas Fair, from 23.12.2023 to 23.01.2024:

Fair of local producers, in the Square of the Metropolitan Cathedral "Nativity of the Lord", in the alley adjacent to A. Pushkin Street, from 23-24.12.2023 and 29-30.12.2023, in cooperation with AO "Eurocivis".

Craft and handicraft fair, in the square of the Metropolitan Cathedral "Nativity of the Lord", adjacent to the Holy Gates, in collaboration with the Association of Craftsmen of Moldova, on 23-25.12.2023.

The Chisinau City Hall encourages citizens to visit the fairs, aimed at strengthening relations between local producers and consumers.