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Educational complex Gymnasium – Kindergarten „STEAM” – a municipal project to reconceptualize the educational system


Chisinau City Hall informs that the Gymnasium - Internat no. 3 has been reorganized in the Educational Complex „STEAM”, process that included the repair of blocks, which included, the institution is also included in the „Energy efficiency and thermal rehabilitation program of buildings”, launched by APL Chisinau in 2021.

For the repair works of A and B blocks, of the food block, of the 6 sanitary blocks, of the fence and for the energy efficiency of the central building, including the endowment of classrooms and food block, Chisinau City Hall invested about 26 million lei.

Also, the institution benefited from a project on the endowment of the physics laboratory, in the amount of 30 000 USA, from the organization UN Women Moldova.

The institution took a new breath by reorganizing the learning spaces in a modern, friendly style, with facilities for laboratories and lecture halls.

Thus, a public educational institution (for both kindergarten and school) with a capacity of 1000 seats will be opened for children in the capital.

The next stage of the Project provides for the rehabilitation of the kindergarten block within the STEAM Educational Complex, located on Gh Street. Casu 33, with a capacity of 300 seats.

Since 2023, the Educational Complex Gymnasium - Kindergarten „STEAM” has become part of the municipal education system.