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Deputy Mayor Olga Ursu had a meeting with the representatives of the Mannheim City Hall in Germany


The Deputy Mayor of Chisinau, Olga Ursu, had a meeting on Tuesday with representatives of the Mannheim City Hall, responsible for external cooperation.

During the talks, several topics of common interest were discussed, including the signing of a Convention for the next few years, based on the 1989 Twinning Agreement between Chisinau and Mannheim.

This convention will cover priority areas such as: social inclusion, education, environmental protection, mobility, the economy, sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The parties also discussed the exchange of experience between employees of the two municipalities, start-up programmes and other initiatives.

Local Public Authority Chisinau expresses its gratitude to the Mannheim City Hall for its support in managing the refugee crisis and for the effective cooperation in various projects.

In the future, the Chisinau City Hall plans to develop a roadmap with interesting activities for the citizens of both cities.

Given that the Republic of Moldova is a candidate country to the European Union, Chisinau has been assured of the promise of support and openness from its German counterparts in this complex process.

Deputy Mayor Olga Ursu also visited the Alley of Partner and Twinned Cities in Luisenpark, a project carried out together with the Mannheim City Hall, where visitors to this park can see Moldovan elements such as barrels, traditional rustic fence, flowers and trees characteristic of our area.

At the same time, the representatives of the Mannheim City Hall informed about the renaming of a street and a green area as a recreation area in Mannheim, to the name of Chisinau (Chisinauer Platz).