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Collaboration agreement between the City Hall of Buiucani district and the Eastern Sector of Riga city


The Chisinau City Hall  informs that the City hall of the Buiucani district and the Eastern Sector of the Riga city, Latvia, signed on Tuesday, October 15, the current year, an agreement in order to favor the friendship relations and the collaboration between the two cities (sectors), on different spheres of activity.

The document was signed by Vadim Brînzaniuc, the Pretor of the Buiucani district and Dmitrijs Pavlovs, the Executive Director of the East Sector, Riga City.

The agreement provides for the fostering of cooperative relations in the field of culture, tourism, spatial planning and urban planning, creating urban  green spaces and protecting the cultural-historical heritage, as well as facilitating the exchange of experience on topics related to the development and planning of the territory, management of public services and local autonomy.

Also, among the priorities set out in the Agreement are the support of the initiatives aimed at strengthening the economic relations between the businessmen and the structural entities in the sphere of commerce of the 2 cities, as well as facilitating the exchange of experience between the non - governmental Organizations and the public institutions  regarding the projects realization  focused on the infrastructure development of the residential sectors, with the city's inhabitants involvement.