The official page of the Municipality of Chisinau

Chisinau will enhance its collaboration with the city of Greensboro based on the Cooperation Agreement signed in 2000


Ion Ceban, General Mayor who is currently on a working visit to the United States of America, had a meeting with the authorities of the State of North Carolina.

The first meeting of the mayor of Chisinau was with the mayor of Greensboro, Nancy Vaughan.

Chisinau has a cooperation agreement with Greensboro dating back to the year 2000, and like many other previously signed partnerships, this cooperation will be restored. In this regard, the municipality aims to have a common agenda, as in many other similar cases with administrative units in Romania, France, Spain, Israel, etc.

According to Ion Ceban, it has been agreed to develop a roadmap, and some proposals have been put forward regarding mutually beneficial projects that could be implemented in Chisinau in the fields of education, youth, and infrastructure.

"We have a full agenda here these days, official meetings, including with representatives of the state leadership, business environment, non-governmental organizations, in order to adopt the best practices," stated the mayor of Chisinau.

The Republic of Moldova has a fruitful collaboration with the State of North Carolina, which has implemented numerous social projects in our country over the years.