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Chisinau Municipality featured in the pages of the publication "National Geographic."


Chisinau Municipality is being promoted internationally as a tourist destination. Thanks to collective efforts, including those of the city's residents, information about Chisinau has appeared in the pages of the renowned publication "National Geographic". The article about the capital of the Republic of Moldova has also been included in the printed version of the magazine, which is sold worldwide.

On the international platform "National Geographic", the Republic of Moldova was last featured in 2017, but the city of Chisinau Municipality had not been previously mentioned as a sustainable, attractive, and captivating destination for international tourism.

Therefore, the publication of this descriptive article about the city in the magazine allows readers to discover Chisinau as a new destination, sparking their interest in local cuisine, such as traditional dishes and wines, culture and events, as well as visiting parks and recreational areas in Chisinau.

It is noted that the promotion and media coverage of Chisinau as a tourist destination are part of the objectives included in the Tourism Development Strategy for 2022 - 2026 "Chisinau - a Tourist Capital", and these initiatives are carried out with the direct support of the Directorate of Economy, Trade, and Tourism.