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Chisinau City Hall Administration laid flowers to commemorate the victims of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster


On Friday, the Chisinau City Hall administration laid flowers at the Chernobyl disaster victims' memorial in the Botanica sector, on the 38th anniversary of the worst nuclear disaster in the history of mankind.

More than 3 500 Moldovans took part in cleaning up the consequences of the 1986 nuclear accident, and more than half of them are no longer alive.

The mayor of the capital said that the sacrifice of those who took part in the clean-up of the consequences of the nuclear accident is undeniable.

Our fellow countrymen, whether they were doctors, soldiers, policemen, rescuers, ordinary people, were involved in dealing with the consequences.

Ion Ceban sent messages of health to all veterans and condolences to the families who lost their loved ones.

The Chernobyl disaster has saddened an entire world, but it was also a lesson in courage for humanity.

For this year, the Chisinau City Hall intends to complete work on the Chernobyl Victims Monument, by installing commemorative stones on which will be engraved the names of all Moldovans who participated in the 1986 nuclear disaster.