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Announcing the winner of the tender for the purchase of 100 new buses


Chisinau City Hall informs that the Belarusian company MAZ has been designated the winner of the competition for the purchase of 100 new buses to complete the "Urban Bus Park" M.E. Out of the 6 participants in the announced tender, the Minsk plant proposed the most advantageous offer and quality-price ratio.

  • MAZ - 116,000 EURO (140,100 USD) - 72 months warranty
  • ISUZU Anadolu - 124,000 EURO (149,205 USD) - 78 months warranty
  • Xiamen King Long - 125,000 EURO (150,720 USD) - 61 months warranty
  • BMC Otomotiv - 135,500 EURO (163,376 USD) - 49 months warranty
  • Otokar Otomotiv - 141,500 EURO (170,634 USD) - 48 months warranty
  • Temsa - 152,000 EURO (183,000 USD) - 48 months warranty

According to the evaluation criteria, the first 3 places were ranked:

1. The MAZ bidder, which accumulated 97.69 points;

2. ISUZU Anadolu, who accumulated 95.73 points;

3. Otokar Otomotiv, with 75.93 points.

Two participants: Xiamen King Long and BMC Otomotiv were disqualified due to failure to submit the requested clarifications. At the same time, the offer of the Temsa operator was rejected because it did not correspond to the requirements set out in the award documentation.

According to the mandatory requirements, the municipality ordered that during the warranty period, the winner to ensure the service of buses from its own sources (exchange of components: lubricants, filters; belts; as well as service of air conditioning systems and consumables).

We remind you that on February 25,2021, the municipality organized, repeatedly, a competition regarding the acquisition of 100 new units for  "Urban Bus Park" M.E..

The amount provided for the group of vehicles is 270 million lei.