The official page of the Municipality of Chisinau

A delegation of the Association of Public Administrators of Romania was on a working visit at the Chisinau City Hall


Chisinau City Hall informs that the Deputy Mayors, Ilie Ceban and Inga Ionesii, together with praetors of the Districts met with an official delegation of the public administrators from Romania headed by the president Marian Florea and Viorel Furdui, Executive Director of the Congress of Local Authorities of Moldova.

Discussions between the parties focused on the establishment of the concept of Public Administrator within the local public authority in Chisinau, Romania's experience in this regard, the perspectives in this way for the Republic of Moldova, as well as the legal aspects and practices necessary to be observed when creating this institution. 

The function of Public Administrator is relatively new, but it has already been established in many countries of the European Union, being taken over from the American and English system of LPA, where it is called - "City Manager".

That person is the mayor’s trusted man, a professional person, who is responsible for the management of different fields.

According to the experience of the countries that delegated a City Manager for managing local issues, they managed to attract more investment, contributed to the economic development of cities and villages, managed to establish external relations with partners and effectively solved LPA problems.