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  • A delegation from Chisinau City Hall, led by Deputy Mayor Angela Cutasevici, had a working visit to 3 cities in Romania: Deva, Alba Iulia and Cluj Napoca

A delegation from Chisinau City Hall, led by Deputy Mayor Angela Cutasevici, had a working visit to 3 cities in Romania: Deva, Alba Iulia and Cluj Napoca


A delegation of the Chisinau City Hall, led by Deputy Mayor Angela Cutasevici, paid working visits to 3 cities in Romania: Deva, Hunedoara County, Alba Iulia and Cluj Napoca, between May 10-17, 2022. The delegation also included the head of the Culture Department, Valentina Volontir and representatives of the External Relations Department.

In the city of Deva, the representatives of the municipality participated at the Festival "Union through Culture", a joint project of the Deva Art Theater and the National Theater Satiricus "I. L. Caragiale" in Chisinau, an entity subordinated to the municipality. The festival is a joint project materialized for the May 10-15, between the Hunedoara Theater in Chisinau and the Days of the Moldovan Theater in Deva.

The delegation from Chisinau also had a meeting with Mr. Florin Oancea, Mayor of Deva.

The officials discussed the intensification of cultural relations between the two municipalities, as well as the development of potential joint projects and partnerships. Were made proposals to organize reciprocal visits, exchange of experience and good inter-institutional practices, by creating technical working groups on various cultural, educational and social fields.

In the city of Alba Iulia, Mrs. Angela Cutasevici participated with a word of greeting at the "Povești" Theater Festival, 16th edition, with costume exhibitions, theater performances and book launches, in which the representatives of "Guguță" theater of dolls from Chisinau also participated.

At the meeting hosted by the City Hall of Alba Iulia, a city twinned with Chisinau, the delegation was received by Mr. Gabriel Pleşa, Mayor of Alba Iulia, along with Emil Antoniu Popescu and Marius Filimon, Deputy Mayors of Alba Iulia. Discussions between officials focused on ongoing and future projects. Topics of common interest for our communities were addressed and methods and areas of collaboration on education, culture and the social field were identified.

Discussions were also held on organizing visits between the Alba Iulia Day Care Center for the Elderly and a similar center in Chisinau. It was also proposed to organize reciprocal visits and camps for students between the two cities and the participation of artists from the Republic of Moldova in a sculpture camp, which will be organized by the Municipality of Alba Iulia. Moreover, was launched an invitation to artists from the Republic of Moldova to participate in the Music Festival, which will take place in Alba Iulia in August, and also an invitation to artists from Alba Iulia to participate in the Days of Chisinau, which will took place on July 17 in Chisinau.

On May 17, the delegation from Chisinau had a visit to the City Hall of Cluj-Napoca, where they met with the Deputy Mayor of Cluj-Napoca, Dan Tarcea, and the head of the Foreign Relations Office, Emilia Botezan.

During this meeting, the ways and methods of consolidating the two municipalities in the fields of culture and education were addressed. Thus, it was discussed about the possibility of organizing "Chisinau Days" in Cluj, in order to promote the cultural treasure, conducting study visits for teachers from Chisinau to Cluj, for an exchange of experiences and good practices, as well as applying to international projects as of partners.