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A delegation from Chisinau City Hall is on a work visit to Riga


A delegation from Chisinau City Hall, led by the Deputy Mayor Ilie Ceban is on a work visit to Riga, Latvia.

During the Wednesday, the delagations of the municipality of Chisinau hadmeetings and discussions with the representatives of the municipality of Riga.

At the Riga City Hall, the Deputy Mayor Ilie Ceban, discussed with the Deputy Mayor Edvards Ratnieks the prospects for the development of bilateral relations and the exchange of experience.

The representatives of the municipality also conducted study visits to the infrastructure targets, as well as to the municipal public transport enterprise in the capital of Latvia.

A special topic was the discussions regarding the intesifications of the collaboration between the Electric Transport Company (ETC) in Chisinau and the profile company in the city of Riga, which involves the purchase in the next perios of 43 used trolleybus.

It should be noted that in the last years ETC purchased another 25 transport units driven by Skoda 24 Tr and Grand Solaris Trollino models from the city of Riga.